Hvedevænget gardening day Saturday September 3.th 2022


Dear Neighbours

You are invited to participate in the traditional late summer Work Day. We will work morning and afternoon, and of course have a lunch break. We will end the day having a BBQ in our tent. Please bring your own meat for the BBQ, the General Committee will take care of the drinks and side dishes.

The aim is to ensure that our playgrounds and shared outdoor areas remain attractive and offer opportunities for Danish ‘hygge’.

To achieve this goal, we call on all of you who have the time and are physically able to join us and participate in the work so that we can, together, do all the jobs that will make our shared outside areas attractive.

The Kids Committee will arrange fun activities for the children

We will need a few volunteers to help setting up the tent Friday evening. Please make a note on the registration, if it is possible for you to help.

Lunch/beverages will be ‘on the house’ as usual.

Plan: Work 9:30 – 13.00. Lunch 13.00 – 13.45. Work 13.45 – 15.30.
We will meet for BBQ at 18:30

We will meet in the large area in the middle of Hvedevænget (Månelandskabet).

Some of you may have other engagements on the Work Day. In that case, you are very welcome to do some jobs in the days before or after the Gardening Day. Please state so on the registration form and contact Michael in No. 8 if you would like to be assigned some tasks on these days.


To make planning easier and make sure we have the right amount of food and drinks, please respond – also if you are unable to participate – on Sunday August 21st 2022, at the latest.

 Looking forward to seeing you.
The Green Committee and the General Committee